Holistic legal definitions for environmental concerns have proven elusive – but recent developments have pushed forward the acceptance of the Rights of Nature and a shared and accepted definition of Ecocide. These changes are driven by many factors including an escalation of litigation related to climate change in jurisdictions around the world and grassroots activist movements. As a result, we are witnessing a growing recognition at the national and international scale. The Right to Healthy Environment have been enshrined in a growing number of countries and cited in court filings and rulings. In June 2021 an independent expert panel led to a consensus on a core text of a definition of ecocide as an international crime.

This webinar, organized by the IWRA Water Security Task forcewill address both the developments and the influences that the Right to a Healthy Environment and the definition of Ecocide have on each other and what it entails for the future. Our panel will consider the drivers for this movement and provide a clearer understanding as to what these developments mean for our rivers, mountains, forests and the health of our planet at large.


  • The Evolution of Environmental Rights
  • Reshaping the human relationship with water: what happens when a river becomes a person
  • Rights of Rivers and Beyond
  • Re-mainstreaming rivers through advocacy (activism, media, and legal fight). Case Study- Turagh river
  • Climate Litigation in Brazil: is it enough?
7th Sept 2021 at 12 PM CET, 9 PM Australia, 3:30 PM India, 4:PM Bangladesh