We provide a wide range of Services

Research and Advocacy to Support Sustainable River Basin Management and Deltas.

Our Service

Consultancy Service​

Our highly qualified experts provide consultancy services for different projects. We provide project design, project planning for the government, and private organizations.

Journal of River and Delta Management

Journal of River and Delta Research is an interdisciplinary initiative to bring together natural and social research on all aspects of rivers, floodplains, wetlands, deltas, and estuaries across urban and rural settings

News & Coverage​

The activities achievement of RDRC cover by Bangladesh and international media. In these sections, all the news links are provided.​

Delta Studies

RDRC offers research and study on the estuary, geology, and fluvial dynamics in deltas. Our study also focuses on the impact on deltas due to anthropogenic causes, and climate change.

Training & Advocacy​

We provide academic and professional training for the universities, professional ,journalist, eco representatives, government officer and activists. This training covers sustainable developments and capacity building.

Event & Conference

RDRC organizes international & regional conference webinars, community consultations throughout the year. In these sections, you will found RDRC's events and conference list

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