Mohammad Azaz

Mohammad Azaz (born 1 March, 1981) is a Bangladeshi researcher, and an activist working on various crucial, water, river, environmental, as well as climate justice issues raised by fisherman, farmers, riverside, women and communities facing anthropogenic and climate injustice in GBM basin areas. He is the chairman of River and Delta Research Centre (RDRC).

Mr. Azaz is leading a research project namely #DhakaRivers. This is a baseline survey of the rivers of Dhaka Division. This research is focuses on baseline survey (a) to provide comprehensive and updated information of the existing river-courses (150 rivers approx.) (b) to address our understanding on biophysical and social component of rivers, and (c) to recommend policies aiming at implementation of delta plan 2100 and achieving SDG targets.

Azaz is the Chairman, River and Delta Research Centre, RDRC is a center for experts in the fields of river basin management, sustainability, and delta studies. After completing his MBA and MDS he has started his career as a faculty member in university since 2004, after the ten years of teaching, Azaz focuses his contribution to conservation of natural resources and water bodies. He has been actively participating activism as a director, Riverine People from 2014 to 2020. Mr. Azaz is the executive vice president of United River Alliance (URA), an alliance of 50 plus river-based conservation related civil society organizations working in Bangladesh. This platform is formulated for advocacy, negations, anti-encroachment and for community led ownership sustainable development.

Azaz is also the principal advisor of GBM based Peoples Network, that works for the rights of the basin people in Ganga Brahmaputra Meghna River basin areas. Under the banner Azaz is giving training to the CSOs, and supports various regional, national transboundary river related policy dialogues, events, seminars, and demonstrations. Mohammad Azaz has been a part of numerous teams and panels that work on initiating and formulating various regional, and national policies and enactments including those related to river, water and wetland, research and conservation.

Mohammad Azaz host of a monthly one-hour online talk show (Dialogue with Mohammad Azaz). ‘Dialogue with Mohammad Azaz’ is an informal online platform for CSOs, activist, policy developers, scientists, consultants, students, NGOs, indigenous and community organizations as well as business and industry representatives to collaborate to improve the exchange of knowledge sharing and experience. This online talk show facilitates global knowledge sharing platform where expertise, experience, and case studies are exchanged.